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The Incredible Story of the American Eagle Coin


The American eagle coins, also referred to as American Eagle Bullion Coins have been given out for collectors. If you have no idea what that implies, it means that it is not possible for them to be sold. They are only meant for commercial purposes only. Take a brokerage firm or a bank for example. For them to be able even to sell even a single of these very rare coins at currencyandcoin.com, an approval from the United States Mint or a similar establishment is required. 


The aim of these coins was for the addition of value to the portfolio of an investor and physical amounts of platinum, silver, and gold into their investments. Nothing beats them in beauty, and on top of that, they are very rare and possessing a very good quality which makes them some of the best-selling investment in the United States. Given the economy of the United States that is always fluctuating, these coins have become a solid investment, and this has only improved since they were issued out in the year 1986. They have since then gained a lot of popularity.


In 1933, the "Gold Confiscation Act" was signed by the president then, Franklin D. Roosevelt. This Act made it illegal to possess gold which brought to a stop the private ownership and circulation of any United States gold. Nevertheless, at the time that President Richard Nixon was in power which happened in the '70s, there was the restoration of the right for the possession of gold. President Ronald Reagan, in 1986 authorized the Gold American Eagle Program that started again, the non-commemorative gold coins minting process for collectors.


Over the years, this american currency coins has earned its place as the most demanded gold coin which can be found in the $50, $25, $10 and $5 face value. However, as the $25 has been very rare, it has become one of the most collectibles. Do not be surprised, but, the United States Congress has termed it legal, the use of these coins for investment using a personal IRA plan. By law, the gold that is used in minting these coins must be mined inside the United States. This makes it the purest gold in the history of the United States.


The US mint has even, in 2006, celebrated the 20th anniversary of these coins. As a result, they have attracted lots of collectors all over. As a result, when you think of purchasing a collectible item, think of one of these. You might want to check this website at https://www.dictionary.com/browse/currency for more info about coin collector.